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on creative engineering and new media art

About this blog

October 24th, 2007

Welcome to the blog.

This is a space where I (Fredrik Bridell) will be posting stuff that I’m interested in, and stuff that I think others will be interested in. (The two not being identical, but hopefully not entirely mutually exclusive).

The focus is new media arts, contemporary art and design, interaction design, physical computing, and stuff like that.

Initially I’m copying in some old stuff (projects, how-tos, etc) without bothering to keep original dates, so things may be a little random at first.

About the categories

In “projects” and “labs” you’ll find a portfolio of sorts – stuff that I’ve been involved in at the Interactive Institute and elsewhere. The projects are bigger stuff, labs are stuff done in an afternoon.

In “Tools of the trade” I post info about all sorts of tools and useful parts – hardware and software. This is so I can talk about stuff and say, “yeah, you can check under ‘tools’ on my blog and find out more”.

In “pieces” I post info about new media art pieces. I am obviously not trying to compile a complete list of everything out there, but at the same time I do post a lot of old pieces, not just new ones. The main criterion is simply that these are pieces that I think are worth knowing about. Often they are pieces that I’ve been talking to people about, and using as examples.

Events” are current events, I guess. This will become clear in time, I hope.

Tutorials” are a mix of actual tutorials and some stuff that is more like notes to myself so that I can look back and see how I did what I did once I’ve forgotten about it.

About the setup

This blog uses a WordPress installation, at the time of writing this it’s a WordPress 2.7.1. installation.

The theme is one I made myself, called polycranium crisp

I’m using these WordPress plugins: Akismet to fight spam, Advanced Excerpts to get excerpts with images on overview pages, Configurable Tag Cloud, for wordpress, EasyTube (for YouTube), Feedburner Feedsmith, Flickr Tag, Viper’s Video quicktags.