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November 29th, 2007

Fredrik Bridell (small)

So, this is me – Fredrik Bridell. I’m an engineer specialized in human-computer interaction, with extensive experience of working in the context of art and technology.

Currently I’m working as a software developer at Devant in Stockholm.

For ten years – from 1999 to 2010 – I was been working for the Interactive Institute, doing hardware and software development as well as interaction design and conceptual work. Look at the “projects” category for some examples.

I live in a little house in Norrtälje, Sweden with my wife (Erika) and two daughters (Iris and Ester). Slightly confusing we both changed our names when we got married, I used to be Fredrik Petersson and she used to be Erika Halvarsson. Yes, you can do this in Sweden.

Since I always forget this myself and I’m not particularly paranoid, here’s plenty more contact info than you ever wanted.

Home address
Fredrik Bridell
KÃ¥sta 3450
SE-761 75  Norrtälje

home phone +46-176-23 72 50
private mobile phone: +46-73-526 88 42, NOT: +46-70-660 59 27
ICQ: 51091596
private e-mail:
Twitter: @bridell

Here’s my PGP Public Key. Get PGP Tools from

Oh – and if you’re thinking “whoa, I would never write my home address like that…” well, as it happens I’m the only one called Fredrik Bridell in the known universe, so it’s not exactly hard to find out – it might as well be accurate. Besides, check out what sites like does. Oh, and there’s this thing called spam filters now.