Photo credit: Windell H. Oskay,
on creative engineering and new media art


February 28th, 2008

Christer’s piece from Fringe #0003

Fringe is a recurring gathering of people with an interest in stuff like new media art, physical computing, creative engineering, VJ stuff, etc., here in Stockholm.

At a typical Fringe gathering, there are a number of presentations, often followed by some sort of performance or DJ/VJ set, and usually a bar of some kind. We try to strike a balance between art and technology, and between “senior” artists/designers/researchers and new talents. At some point we also plan to start arranging workshops and other events.

One of the key ideas of Fringe is that it arranged by the community, for the community. This hints that while we have (so far) never stopped anybody from coming, we do want the people who come to be prepared to present something at some point. This is also why Fringe events are not announced in any other way than by direct e-mail to the people “on the list”. With one exception – since Fringe gatherings are usually hosted by some other organization, whoever is hosting an event is free to invite more people to that particular event.

To learn more about Fringe, check out the Fringe website:

The image above is one of the student pieces shown at Fringe #0003 at Konstfack, by Christer Chytraeus. This is only the inner mechanism of a odd machine that keeps a plant hooked up to the Internet. The dark box at the bottom is actually a beautiful accordion, modified to work as a sort of mechanical lung supplying the plant with fresh air.

For the record, this Fringe has no affiliation whatsoever with the Fringe festivals started in Edinburgh, but it is a direct continuation of the Fringe that ran in Gothenburg a few years ago. Fringe is an initiative by the Interactive Institute Art & Technology Program (where I work, when I’m not on parental leave, which I am at the moment). The main guy pulling the Fringe in Stockholm is Alberto Frigo.