Photo credit: Windell H. Oskay,
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How to switch on an iMac (sic!)

January 21st, 2008

OK, this is just plain embarrassing.

I just spent several minutes trying to figure out how to switch on an iMac. Seeing there is no power switch on it, I figured this was some sort of Apple design decision – probably you just use the keyboard. So I pressed all the keys on the keyboard, wiggled the mouse, made sure there was power in the socket, etc. Nothing.

Eventually I had a closer look…

The power button is on the back!

The reason I didn’t find it is that it’s not where the connectors are, but down in the lower right corner (seen from the back). Silly.

Update:  Mike – I was feeling a tad embarrassed myself, failing to live up to my generally tech-savvy self image. On second thoughts though, I guess the general designer rules apply to Apple designers as well:  if “the user” can’t even find the power button, your work is not really ideal.