Photo credit: Windell H. Oskay,
on creative engineering and new media art

Lecture at Physical Computing course – handouts

January 31st, 2008

Yesterday I spent two hours talking to the students at a physical computing course at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH). I talked about what physical computing (i.e. the art of “sensing and controlling the physical world with computers”, to quote Don O’Sullivan and Tom Igoe) has to to with art.

I argue that the concept of interactivity is lurking there somewhere in the intersection of physcomp and art. But what is this thing called interactivity, anyway? And indeed, what is art?

Then I went on showing a bunch of examples of new media art pieces, and finally some of the stuff we’ve been doing at the Art & Technology Program, as well as talking a bit about the tools we’ve been using.

Here are the PDFs of the handouts (which were not actually handed out…)

  1. handout: Physical Computing and Art
  2. handout: New Media Art
  3. handout: Art & Technology backstage