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My Doomsday Weapon (2002)

February 14th, 2008

My Doomsday Weapon

Sci-fi conceptual art by Jakob S Boeskov

In 2002 Boeskov traveled to China to visit a weapons fair, ostensibly representing the (fictional) company Empire North, looking for investors to develop the “ID SniperRifle” – a rifle capable of firing small GPS chips. Fire at anybody, and you can track them down!

The legend has it that Boeskov more or less had to flee the place after he started getting too many people seriously interested in backing the project – not knowing it was all an art project, or as some would call it, a hoax.

This is perhaps not so much a new media piece as it is a more conceptual piece, dealing with (the fiction of) technology. Oddly enough I have heard people talking about this piece, assuming it would be firing RFID chips.

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