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Poco Application + OpenFrameworks app

June 3rd, 2009

I’ve been fiddling with OpenFrameworks for a while. If you don’t know it, OpenFrameworks is a C++ framework for creative coding, used by people working with new media art and such.

Since release 0.06 (the current release) OpenFrameworks is built on top of Poco, a general-purpose class library for C++ that is really nifty – it’s almost like being back in a decent programming language. In Poco one of the fundamental classes is Poco::Util::Application – the base class for building applications. It is not used by OpenFrameworks, instead OpenFrameworks has their own ofBaseApp.

What I did was to combine the two into something that is both a Poco Application and an OpenFrameworks App.

If anybody want to use it, just grab it at and play away. This version should run out the box in OF 0.06 on Code::Blocks on Windows, but if you just copy the code over to an “EmptyExample” copy on your setup you shoule be good to go on other platforms as well, I think.

If you have linker problems, so did I, but things got better. See this thread on the OF forum. The trick seems to be the -liphlpapi linker option and sometimes shuffling the order in which the Poco libs are linked in. Hey, it’s C++.